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Kevin Eakin


Kevin R. Eakin is the Director of Redevelopment for Snell Properties. Kevin is responsible for managing and directing all aspects of renovation, repositioning, and development projects. Kevin’s role also includes asset management responsibilities for the multifamily and office portfolio, including portfolio-wide revenue management and general asset performance.

Kevin has successfully directed and managed the renovation and repositioning of over 2,600 apartments across the company’s portfolio. His efforts have focused on creating value and elevating various assets in the market through targeted apartment and amenity renovations, new marketing initiatives, and direct asset management.

Prior to joining the Snell, Kevin worked as Project Manager for Virginia Management. In this role Kevin oversaw the analysis, design, budget, and implementation of numerous multifamily renovation projects, repositioning over 1,500 apartment homes. Kevin was instrumental in the success of Monticello Falls Church, a garden community of 794 apartments, which included the renovation of all apartment interiors and common areas as well as the construction of a new 8,000 square foot community center. In addition to his role as Project Manager, Kevin also served as Revenue Manager for the company’s portfolio of over 4,500 apartments. His responsibilities included management of daily rental rates, establishing and implementing pricing strategies for individual properties, and coordinating marketing efforts across the portfolio.

Before joining Virginia Management, Kevin worked at Eakin Properties managing a portfolio of commercial properties including a variety of single-use tenancies. Kevin was also responsible for identifying and implementing new investments in both residential and commercial real estate markets.

Kevin is a graduate of Gettysburg College where he received a bachelor’s in Economics and Management. Kevin also serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Virginia Apartment Association.